June 18th, 2015   candids, gallery, gossip, jack & daisy Comments Off on Meg and Daisy out shopping in Soho

Added a new set of pictures of Meg Ryan and daughter Daisy shopping for books and getting a drink in Soho NYC on Sunday afternoon. … Candids / 2015 / Shopping with Daisy in Soho (x12) And really, National Liar, ehh Enquirer, again the same nonsense this week? Yes she ended her realtionship with Mellencamp again several months ago, see here, but no, this was not because of him not

June 6th, 2015   candids, gallery, gossip Comments Off on New candids: out and about in Soho

Here are a few new pictures of Meg Ryan out and about in Soho this past Wednesday. Check the gallery for a new album. For those who registered in the past weeks: will get your accounts set up today! … Candids / 2015 / Out and about in Soho

October 19th, 2014   candids, friends, gossip Comments Off on Meg and John Mellencamp seen together in New York

Several gossip websites like US Weekly and People Magazine had reports and a few photos of Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp hanging out together in NYC this past week. You can check out the photos [IN THIS VIDEO] at the beginning of the clip and about 30sec. in., after the commercial ends . Looking comfortable and relaxed together, Ryan, 52, and Mellencamp, 62, strolled through Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood, stopping by

September 15th, 2014   general, gossip, Ithaca Comments Off on Several recent Meg mentions

While Meg Ryan has been filming scenes for the indie movie ‘Fan Girl’ the past weeks, she has been mentioned in several stories about ‘Ithaca’ (which wrapped August 21st). First a story from Newsadvance.com about an extra in the movie: Olivia Dodson, 40, has always been an artsy person. Last month, the Amherst resident appeared as an extra in Meg Ryan’s directorial debut, “Ithaca,” filmed in Petersburg. It was Dodson’s

August 28th, 2014   gossip, magazines Comments Off on People Magazine: #FAIL

First up: TY, Simone, for sending me this article! There used to be a time when People Magazine reigned supreme amongst the entertainment and gossip magazines. That was a long time ago and the magazine has been on the fast-track downhill for the past years, but did they really have to prove that again?LOL! On the cover the magazine ‘promises’ to take us ‘inside Meg Ryan’s split’, but in the

January 8th, 2014   gossip Comments Off on National Enquirer story

I’m surprised it took the NE this long to report on it, since Meg already ended the relationship early November. Warning, it *is* the National Enquirer so read it with a bucket of salt [click here to read the NE story].

February 14th, 2013   general, gossip 2 Comments

The NYPost real estate column today reports on the latest townhouse Meg supposedly visited. Not sure how accurate their report is, but it’s a nice place, you can see for yourself here at the NY Curbed site. Meg Ryan’s uptown home hunt continues. The actress just returned to “You’ve Got Mail” territory when she saw a $8.75 million brownstone at 126 W. 87th St. The residence, which dates back to

May 10th, 2012   general, gossip 4 Comments

This one definitely falls in the gossip category, considering the source is the NYPost. So please take with a bucket of salt and remember Meg has owned various apartments in NYC for the past 20+ years (even at times when she wasn’t living there) and has been spotted looking at apartments several times the past years. Seems like a certain real estate company doesn’t mind leaking about their famous clients?

November 18th, 2011   gossip 1 Comment

As forum members know, Meg has been travelling with boyfriend John Mellencamp while he completes the last leg of his tour. Earlier this week they were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they ran into a lot of sports journalists by accident. Turns out their hotel was also the place for one of the biggest baseball GM meetings, which lead to lots of sightings. The New York Daily News reported this yesterday: “SLEEPLESS IN

May 26th, 2011   candids, gossip 1 Comment

Yeah, gossip. What to do with it. Anyway like some of you have pointed out, The National Enquirer – that bastion of truth (not) – has decided it’s time for Meg to get married. Not going to report any further on stories like that unless they come from a more reputable source. EDITED: Meg’s rep has denied this report to E!News, who at least bothered to check. Meg’s rep told

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