July 12th, 2012   friends, general 2 Comments

Meg Ryan has written a piece for the the July 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter in which she recalls the joy of her longtime collaboration with the late writer-director. Here’s the beginning, click on the link to read the rest. “The last time I saw her was at a small dinner party at a mutual friend’s apartment on the Upper East Side. It was funny and fun, the six

November 22nd, 2011   friends, gallery 3 Comments

According to several newssources, John Mellencamp threw Meg a little birthday surprise party in Indianapolis on her birthday on Saturday, right before the last gig of his tour. Of course, the restaurant was ‘kind’ enough to talk about this to the media… “Actress Meg Ryan celebrated her 50th birthday at Downtown’s Dunaway’s on Saturday before heading to Clowes Memorial Hall to see beau John Mellencamp’s show. Ryan, who has been

October 10th, 2011   friends, general Comments Off on You’ve Got Asteroids!

Never knew this but it seems both Meg and Tom Hanks have had an asteroid named after them and recently those two asteroids had a ‘meet up’ of some sorts in space! The website Space.com writes the following: ‘Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were sleepless in space last month. It wasn’t the flesh and blood actors, but their astronomical counterparts — asteroid 12818 Tomhanks and asteroid 8353 Megryan — that

June 8th, 2011   candids, friends, gallery, jack & daisy 1 Comment

Three new sets of candids. Looks like Meg’s visit to LA was a very short one. Over the weekend she was seen out and about with good friend Laura Dern and on Sunday she was seen arriving at LAX to take a flight to NYC. On Monday she and Daisy were spotted having lunch together there! >> Candids > 2011 > Lunch with Daisy >> Candids > 2011 > Departing

March 30th, 2011   candids, friends, gallery, jack & daisy 2 Comments

As promised yesterday: here’s the post I was talking about! Having spent most of these past few weeks in her boyfriend John Mellencamp’s hometown Bloomington, Indiana, Meg was seen back in NYC again. On Monday afternoon she was out and about with son Jack, talking and laughing while running errands. Check the gallery for two dozen pictures! In the evening she attended John’s Q&A session with a reporter from Rolling Stone mag at

February 20th, 2011   candids, friends, gallery Comments Off on Mega Meg-and-John photo update

Several new sets of candids, with Meg and John out and about in NYC this past week. The first set shows them out on Valentine’s day. The second and third set show them in Soho and Tribeca, waiting for something and later walking around with John’s father and John’s teenage sons. In total 50 new photos have been added to the gallery. TY S. for your help! >> Candids > 2011 > Valentine’s day >> Candids >

February 13th, 2011   candids, friends, gallery 1 Comment

Another set of candids. Shortly after returning to NYC from Toronto – see our post below – Meg and John were seen walking in the Soho neighbourhood holding hands on Friday. >> Candids > 2011 > Meg and John in Soho

February 11th, 2011   candids, friends, gallery, sightings 1 Comment

Meg and John Mellencamp were spotted by the paparazzi in Toronto this week. On Wednesday evening Meg attended John’s concert there and they were seen leaving together. And yesterday Meg and John were spotted walking arm in arm in Toronto. >> Candids > 2011 > Meg and John out and about >> Candids > 2011 > Meg at John’s concert

January 21st, 2011   candids, friends, gallery Comments Off on Meg out and about in NYC

Four new sets of candids have been added to the gallery. The photos show Meg out and about in various parts of NYC on January 5th, 7th, 10th and 13th alone (3x) and with John Mellencamp (1x). >> Candids > 2011 > Out and about in Manhatten >> Candids > 2011 > Out and about in Soho >> Candids > 2011 > With John Mellencamp >> Candids > 2011 > Out and

January 4th, 2011   friends, gossip Comments Off on People Magazine article

People Magazine is an entertainment magazine, but it has a lot more credibility and does more research than the usual gossipmagazines, so here’s their story re: Meg and John Mellencamp: “The new year brings new beginnings for Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp. The pair have spent time together on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York City in recent days, enjoying a fresh romance just as Mellencamp has announced his separation from

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