November 21st, 2012   interview, when harry met sally 2

In an interview this week with Moviefone, Helen Mirren was asked about the short comedy skit ‘When Harry Met Sally II’ that she did with Billy Crystal last year.

Q: Can you shed some light on “When Harry Met Sally 2”? How did you get involved in that?
A: [Laughs] “Oh, Billy Crystal rung me up and asked me and I just thought it’d be a funny thing to do. It taught me a lesson on how brilliant Meg Ryan was. Because when you’re trying to recreate what she did it was sort of impossible. Because she was so good at it! Her timing and everything was so brilliant. She is a great comedienne and it was very difficult to emulate her.”

  • sammy
    Posted on November 21, 2012

    what a great compliment from an amazing actress!

    welcome back Anne:)

  • Anne
    Posted on November 23, 2012

    thanks :-)

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