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After spending the summer on Martha’s Vineyard, Meg Ryan was spotted back in her hometown New York City earlier this week, wearing a pretty summer dress.

… Candids / 2015 / Out and about in NYC
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The website has posted a fun piece called ‘9 ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ Moments You Dream Of Happening In Your Life – TOM. MEG. EVERYTHING.’ on their site.

Everyone who takes the time to revisit a classic romantic comedy is secretly hoping, somewhere, in their heart of hearts that this filmic masterpiece romance is going to be a part of their life. If you try to deny it, just stop trying. You know it’s true.

“Sleepless in Seattle” is one of the ultimates. It’s a Nora Ephron classic starring the iconic duo of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. And guess what, guys! They find true love! It’s the best! (And it’s streaming on Netflix, bless.)

Here are nine “Sleepless in Seattle” moments that everyone wishes would happen in their lives. SEE ALL THE MOMENTS

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Hi all, after our last web host sadly had to end her services, we have found a new host for our fansite. This also means we have a new domain WWW.MEGRYANINFO.NET The old domain will cease to exist at some point over the next two weeks, so please bookmark the new one!

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Here’s a video we got of Meg at the ‘Poems from the Pond’ event honoring the late Peggy Freydberg on Martha’s Vineyard Monday evening. It’s a bit shaky and poor sound quality, but TY so much for sending this in! No source was given for the video, sorry, so if it’s yours please send an e-mail and full credit will be given of course! If you want to watch the video full-screen, simply start the video and click on the right-bottom button.

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Meg Ryan was one of the persons reading poems at an event honoring the late Peggy Freydberg on Monday evening in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s the beginning of the article in the Vineyard Gazette. Click on the link at the end to be forwarded to their website where they also have two photos with Meg, wearing a pretty flower-themed dress.

Actresses, Admirers, Fellow Writers Honor Peggy Freydberg By Reading Her Words

The Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center was filled with lyrical verse and open ears Monday evening for a poetry reading celebrating the life and newly published work of Peggy Freydberg, who died this spring at 107.

Several speakers gathered to read selected poems from Mrs. Freydberg’s book Poems from the Pond, in recognition of a woman whose career as a poet seemed to have just begun despite being a centenarian.

“Creativity truly has no age limit,” said Laurie David, the book’s editor, in opening remarks, noting that Mrs. Freydberg began writing poetry in her 90s.

While the poet did not live to see the book’s release, she was able to see the early markups and galleys of the book along with its photo artwork, giving her a small preview of the book her late in life effort would produce.(…) FULL ARTICLE AND 2 PHOTOS HERE

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Better late than never, but I added some more photos to the Paris Fashio Week albums and also another candids album showing her out and about in Paris with friends two weeks ago.

… Candids / 2015 / Paris Fashion Week (x5)
… Candids / 2015 / Out and about in Paris (x5)
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Meg Ryan was present for the Georges Chakra Fashion Runway Show, looking like herself and wearing a very pretty lace dress. See the post below this one for all the nonsense written about this one.

July 8th, 2015   general, website comments off

The main reason this fan site came to be some years ago was to create a site where fans can read up on Meg Ryan, her career and life, without having to read through all kinds of negative stuff. So I try to keep the negativity away from here, but sorry I feel like venting a bit today. Its in this separate post, so you can choose to ignore it if you want to.

I can’t post the photos of the Tuesday Georges Chakras fashion show in the upcoming post without at least saying something about the funny, yet strange and kinda sad thing that happened where a bunch of low-life gossip websites – and more serious websites who these days do nothing but copy-paste from those sites without research – suddenly now have decided they don’t ‘recognize’ Meg Ryan’s face anymore, when less than 24 hours before that (!) they had been saying she looked absolutely fantastic at the other runway show on Monday (see the post below for pix of Meg looking FABULOUS at that show).

Now, you’re not going to see me say here she never had any work done, because I think she did, but hello, it’s *her* life. In my humble opinion she still looks good, but feel free to disagree. It should in this case however not give other people – whether gossip writers (refuse to call them journalists, sorry) or people posting in response at the comment sections and on social media – the right to spout all kinds of nonsense or post the most ridiculous things about another person.

Of course – as fortunately more and more people are becoming aware of – this is mostly part of the ‘trick’ the gossip websites and a lot of other news outlets have been doing with female celebrities for years now, even the absolute prettiest ones: carefully search through loads of photos taken at an event or in the street and picking the worst few photos they can find, ignore the good ones and then fabricate stories around it. Every day now they attack female celebrities of all ages with screaming headlines ‘Oooohhhhhhmyyyyyygaaaaaaawd, she’s overweight/she’s shocking skinny/she had work done/she has wrinkles/veins/cellulite!’ and so on and so on. It’s gone from bad to worse these past few years. And they do this for one reason only: because those stories and photos, sadly, attract the most readers and thus earns them the most MONEY.And then of course the rest of the media sees that and quickly does the copy-paste thing because they don’t want to be left out, not caring at all if what they just copied is actually true. It’s just further prove of how low the media in general has sunk these days.

As for those people filling the comment sections or their social media accounts with just the c-r-a-z-i-e-s-t comments in response to those articles, I always wonder how those cyberbullies would like it if other people were saying these things about their own sister, their girlfriends, their mother or their daughter? A lot of people think they can just say anything online because there are no consequences and confuse being rude and vile with being funny.

In the end though, all those nasty comments and articles, they tell us so much more about the ‘meanies’ writing them, than the people they write about.


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Meg Ryan was one of the front row guests for the Schiaparelli runway show at the Paris Fashion Week today. Added 18 photos of her arrival and from inside the show to the gallery.

… Events / 2015 / Schiaparelli Runway Show (x18)
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Added several albums to the gallery with candids of Meg and friend Robin Ruzan out and about in London last week on several occasions and boarding the Eurostar to Paris on Saturday.

… Candids / 2015 / Out and about in London I (x10)
… Candids / 2015 / Out anda bout in London II (x12)
… Candids / 2015 / En route to Paris (x6)
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